Why is Procrastination So Much Easier Than Making a Decision?

When you start out in business its easy you do what you have decided and “hope for the best” the money will come eventually won’t it? Many small business owners who understand their “business” are really working in exactly the same way as they did when they were employed to do the same task.

They don’t spend the time on their own education to make sure they are running the business properly. They defer making decisions about investment or employing staff until “things start to pan out” or “they have enough money”. Decision making is key to the running of any business, sole traders often decide to start their own business because they know they can do it better but don’t consider what “doing it better actually involves.

It’s essential to learn about running a business not just the skills needed to make your product. If you have an innovation which will take the industry to the next level you can’t do it alone, you need to plan for the future and make the decision to achieve your goals, if you set them in the first place. Many don’t even decide where they want to take their business until its too late.

When the creditors come to the door asking for their money or else they make you bankrupt its too late to start sending out the invoices to all those people who “should have paid by now”. Where is your business headed, are you ready to grow or suffering from a lack of decisiveness? If you are failing to plan, then you truly are planning to fail. Get in touch now if you’d like to find out how we can help you Click Here