Why do so many fail to move from start up to business growth? and what you can do about it

When you get in first thing in the morning and ask Jack if he completed what you asked for yesterday think about why you are asking. Are you confident that the activities required to run your business are in control or do you constantly need to follow up asking is it done?

When a clear management system is in use and the business process is clear, you will always know whether the essential activities were completed or if there was something preventing a task being accomplished. You will have already had clear feedback via your established feedback mechanism and the key performance indicators will reflect the same.

Small business owners often neglect formal business process as it “stifles their creativity” or “makes them cumbersome like big business”, however implementing business process is an essential step in business growth. When you are a team of 2 or 3 its easy to know what everyone is doing, just ask or current activities are seen beside you. As a business grows it becomes harder to follow the process. This is where it becomes necessary to identify the business goals and objectives, to make sure there is clear communication between team members and a leader to take the team forwards to achieve success.

There are some simple questions which can be used to determine whether you need your business process formalising;

  • Do you receive at least one complaint every week?
  • Are you constantly going back to customers telling them about a revised delivery date?
  • Do you need to ask “Jack” or other team members if they’ve done it yet on a regular basis?

If the answer is yes to any of these then its time to look at implementing a formal business process within your business to make it easier for you to manege and to give a better for experience your customers when they work with you.

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