A Wasted Life?

Do you ever feel as if a large part of your life has been wasted? If so, I'm going to try to change your mind.

Every now and then I meet someone who tells me about having wasted a large part of his or her life. When this happens, I like to respond with the story of the man who came running to a priest exclaiming, "Father, Father, a terrible sin has been committed! Three altar boys were up all night playing cards and gambling in the choir loft. You must chastise them immediately!"

"Wonderful!" said the priest, to the man's great surprise. "I'm glad to hear it." The other man was stunned. "How can you say that, Father? Is it not a sin to do this?"

The priest responded by saying, "It is not their gambling I am pleased with. But I am delighted that they could stay up all night to play, for they have learned how to do without sleep for something they enjoy. Just think what they'll be able to do when they learn to love God! They'll be able to stay up all night to serve Him!"

You see, as this story points out, there are no wasted experiences on our path to a meaningful life. Everything that has ever happened to you can be used for a glorious purpose, if you choose to do so. Everything that life has taught you - no matter how difficult or painful it was at the time it happened - can make you a better person today and tomorrow, if you let it. The choice is yours to make.

So don't get hung up about a wasted past. It's your future you really want to be concerned with! Click Here To Find Out More